Yes, so sue me, you dumb, fat motherph—ker. I have dared to express the opinion that you are nothing but a dumb suit who has been discombobulated by the popular "narrative" about the "Coronavirus".

Yes, I think you're a dumb sack of shit, and you are responsible for countless deaths, and countless more hours of time denied at the end of a love-one's life.

Yes, you're gonna burn in hell, but not before we're done with you. By not standing up to the criminal echelons including Justin 'Little Stalin' Trudea, Christia "Fuck Puppet" Freeland, "Dr Tram" Tam,  and countless other minions.
But you, you coulda stopped it; instead, you got drunk on the authoritarian powers conferred upon you by the "Declaration of Emergency". You are our duly elected gatekeeper, ..and you failed us, you sorry fat sack of shit.

We're coming for you fucker; legally and lawfully, we're gonna enforce the Rule of Law on your sorry, fat, lard-ass. So, sue me, you big fat bitch. I'm waiting for your Notice.